Organic Ingredients that Can Supercharge Cooking

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Most people stock their pantries with spices and other ingredients common to their style of cooking. They rarely stop to think about how those ingredients, if purchased in their pure, organic forms, can add much more than flavor to the dishes they cook up. The truth is that some of the most common staples in the kitchen also double as nutrients that may even have medicinal properties. From cinnamon powder to turmeric powder, a well-stocked pantry may also be a powerful and natural medicine cabinet.


Here are just a few of the more common cooking ingredients that have properties that go well beyond adding flavor:



  • - Cinnamon powder – Organic cinnamon powder adds a distinct flavor to sweetened foods and is commonly used in teas, breads, pies and desserts. It is known to help purify the blood while improving circulation. It also speeds up the processing of high-fat foods.

  • - Ginger powder – Ginger has a long-standing reputation for easing stomach ailments, such as indigestion. It also is known to help ease morning sickness, nausea and abdominal pains. It can promote healthy digestion and improve blood circulation, as well. Ginger is commonly used in teas, baking and even in main entrees, offering a high distinct flavor.

  • - Turmeric powder – Commonly used in cooking rice and meat, this spice has long been associated with natural medicine. This is because of its antiseptic and antibacterial nature. Some people use it to disinfect minor wounds, control acne and ease digestive complaints, as well.

  • - Virgin coconut oil – This replacement for standard cooking oil is favored by many because it helps people maintain healthy cholesterol levels. It is excellent for use in sautéing and frying while helping promote a stronger immune system, healthy bones and energy. This common pantry item is also known for being an excellent hair and skin care product.
People in search of ways to improve health and address minor concerns may only need to look to their pantries. A kitchen that has a well-stocked spice cabinet, rich with organic products, also boasts a well-stocked natural medicine cabinet.



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