Moringa Powder Benefits

Moringa powder obtained from the tree leaves is highly beneficial for human beings as well as animals due to its unique nutrients. Researchers used freshly harvested moringa oleifera leaves to study its vegetable leaf protein concentrates. They analyzed composition, functional properties and mineral composition. Approximate analysis revealed carbohydrate content is 38.21 mg/100g, crude protein 39.13mg/100g, crude fat 2.43mg/100g and crude fiber 5.43mg/100g. Mineral constituent content of the leaves indicated that it is rich in zinc, magnesium, calcium and manganese.

Crude fat value of this powder was found to be 2.43 ± 0.47% but it fall in levels with 2.73 ± 0.03 in moringa leaves extract. Fat in food determines amount of energy available to the body. A diet, which supply 2% of its caloric energy as fat is sufficient for health of human beings. Excess fat consumption results in dangerous cardiovascular disorders, atherosclerosis, aging and cancer. You have to select good fats (HDL) that will not harm the body.

Value of crude fiber obtained for moringa oleifera leaf protein concentrates was 5.43 ± 0.23. Fiber taken as part of diet cleanses the digestive tract by removing potential carcinogens from the body. Hence they can prevent absorption of excess cholesterol. Fiber is needed as it adds bulk to food and thereby it can reduce constipation. 

Presence of remarkable quantity of protein in moringa confirms that low temperature dried leaf powder could be used as healthy ingredient to improve protein levels in diet. It is also mixed in livestock feeds to fulfill protein requirement. Dried leaf powder is beneficial as it can be stored at room temperature in moisture proof bags. Low temperature dried leaf powder has been found to have increased level of nutrients than fresh leaves.

Potassium concentration of 23.20 ± 0.31/100 was obtained for moringa oleifera leaf protein concentrates. Recommended daily allowance of potassium is 2000mg for adults. Moringa leaves can fulfill that. Sodium mineral level is 214.00 ± 0.21/100. Sodium is a vital electrolyte within the body that supports various organs. Recommended daily allowance of sodium is 500mg for adult. Moringa leaves have the perfect sodium, potassium ratio for healthy electrolyte levels. Children, pregnant and lactating woman need calcium and phosphorous rich foods for bones and teeth development.

Value of calcium fulfills recommended daily allowance of 800mg per day both adults and children. Moringa has selenium and manganese that are good for skin and hair care. Moringa leaves have selenium and manganese that are good for skin and hair care. You can use moringa raw powder or its unique beneficial nutrients that can increase healthy lifespan.

Moringa leaves have been widely used in cuisine in the native countries such as India Philippines and Srilanka. But extensive cooking can destroy vitamins and minerals to certain extent. Moreover the leaves cannot be obtained during all seasons in cold countries the tree may shed all the leaves during winter. In countries where temperature is low, the tree remains dormant during frost. In this condition, there will not be any leaves.

So it will be the viable option to take this powder. Moringa leaves are low temperature dried with proper air circulation. This leaf powder can be used at any time and you can get them through online. This leaf powder can be added to any of the recipes. Leaf powder can be added to vegetable soup and boiled for 4 minutes.

You can add 1 tablespoon of leaf powder to cake flour mix, or cookies mix. This type of usage will help one to get all nutrients in an easy way. This leaf powder has to be taken in empty stomach for its detoxification activity. When you buy this leaf powder, chose organic moringa oleifera powder manufacturer so that the powder is free from insecticides, germicides and toxic chemicals.

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