Moringa for digestion

Thiamine, vitamin B2 aids your body in conversion of carbohydrates in your diet into energy. This is necessary for cells in cell regeneration and degeneration activities. It also plays vital role in the regulation of appetite. Vitamin B3, niacin, takes part in various digestive tract functions. This vitamin will aid in efficient breakdown of carbohydrates and fats. Pyridoxine helps digestive system to process all the proteins in food.
Biotin supports digestive system in producing cholesterol, processing proteins, fats and carbohydrates. After proteins have been broken down, biotin helps digestive health by eliminating the waste toxic products. B complex vitamins can be added to your diet by consuming unpolished whole grains, organic dairy products, beans, green vegetables and seafood. As per survey studies, majority of the people could not get sufficient B vitamins from their staple diet.

Vitamin C has been found to be important for healthy teeth and gums, which in turn support digestive health. It aids digestion as it helps in iron absorption. If you include vitamin C rich fruits in your diet, the fiber in them can remove digestion related issues. Fiber can help to carry away toxins from the body.

Vitamin D for Digestion

Vitamin D assists in building strong teeth for digestive health. Studies show that vitamin D deficiency may increase your risk of colon cancer. You can get this vitamin by eating eggs, fortified cereals, goat liver, fortified dairy products, salmon and tuna are some of the vitamin D rich foods.

Vitamins and other nutrients you get from a balanced diet are essential for your digestive health and will keep your digestive system that function efficiently. When you take huge amount of carbohydrate and fat rich foods, the digestive system gets overloaded. Digestive organs will not function efficiently. You need a vitamin rich food supplement to assist digestion.

Instead of taking various synthetic vitamin tablets/capsules, you can use single herbal supplement with these nutrients. Moringa leaf powder tea can be taken for improving digestion and efficient functioning of digestive organs. As majority of the vitamins and nutrients are obtained intact, this tea handle digestion related problems effectively. With the 92 nutrients A, B, C, D, E vitamins, it can regulate carbohydrate synthesis and protein synthesis activities in the body.

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