USDA Organic Certification & Quality Management System

Organic Certification

Organic products carrying a Seal of USDA NOP, INDIAN NPOP guarantees genuineness in the organic production system and confirms the mandatory standards. With this guarantee, consumers can ensure the purchased products are organic. We maintain the consistency in quality of the products, by aiming customer satisfaction. This seal not only shows your ongoing commitment to a healthy planet but assures consumers and buyers that the product meets stringent organic certification requirements. Our farms, processing and end products are monitored, certified and conform to the strict USDA NOP and Indian NPOP organic standards by ECOCERT.

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Quality management System

ISO 9001: ISO 9001 certification is to ensure that quality standards are strictly followed and the products are tested for consistent quality. We practice improvement of the quality control standards, so that the end users derive maximum benefits. With emphasize to customer satisfaction we pay attention to even small details in the manufacturing process.

ISO 22000: The ISO 22000 International Standards addresses food safety management. It is incorporation of incorporating the widely used and proven HACCP principles and Good Manufacturing Principles. It is becoming more important as customers demand safe food and ingredients. Being certified to ISO 22000, we have food safety management system in place. This provides our customer confidence in Organic Veda products.

GMP: Good manufacturing practices (GMP) are the practices required in order to conform to guidelines of minimum requirements that a manufacturer must meet to assure that the products do not pose any risk to the consumer. Being certified by GMP, we ensure the safe organic health care and personal care and cosmetic products to our consumers.

US FDA – Packaging Material Certification: The primary packaging material used in ORGANIC VEDA products meets the highest hygienic standards and are certified DMF by US FDA and also certified as DS/EN ISO: 15378

US FDA Registered Facility: We are registered and certified by the FDA, U.S.A. You can buy our products with confidence as these products are manufactured in an FDA registered factory.

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