Amla Fruit Powder Capsules

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100% ORGANIC AMLA FRUIT POWDER VEG CAPSULES - 100 veg Capsules ( Each 400*mg)

The powder of Amla is Virtually having Superb benefits! The organic Amla powder shall be consume in any form that one may prefer, such as mixed in juices, beverages, mixed in food recipes, sprinkled on salads or in the form of a capsule. 
The powder of Amla possesses superb benefits!
Ayurveda regards amla as a treasure trove of health and wellness. With powerful antioxidants and nutrients, amla is believed to be highly beneficial for improving the state of your hair, eye and skin. It is also rich in chromium which helps in regulating digestion and metabolism. It is also known to help make the body more responsive to insulin – making amla the elixir of life for most diabetes patients.

The organic Amla powder can be consumed in any form that one may prefer, such as mixed in juices, beverages, mixed in food recipes or consumed directly. But one of the easiest ways in which you can adopt this miraculous fruit into your lifestyle is in the form of amla powder capsules. In this form, amla can easily become a part of your daily health supplement routine without having to make any jarring changes in your food and taste preferences.

You can buy top quality amla powder capsules in an easy-to-purchase format from OrganicVeda – the most reliable seller of natural herbs and medicines online. We offer 100% organic amla fruit powder veg capsules - 100 veg capsules (each 400*mg). Place your order today!


​✓ Amla Capsules Slows Down Ageing

​✓ Amla Capsules Cures A Sore Throat

​✓ Amla Capsules Fights Against Heart Disease

​​✓ Amla Capsules Increases Diuretic Activity

​✓ Amla Capsules Increases Metabolic Activity

​✓ Amla Capsules Reduces Blood Sugar

​✓ Amla Capsules High In Digestive Fiber

​✓ Amla Capsules Boosts Immunity

​✓ Amla Capsules Prevents Formation Of Gall Bladder Stones

​✓ Amla Capsules Prevents Ulcers

​✓ Amla Capsules Is Anti-Inflammatory

​✓ Amla Capsules Improves Eyesight

​✓ Amla Capsules Purifies Blood

​✓ Amla Capsules Strengthens Bones

​✓ Amla Capsules Cools The Body

​✓ Amla Capsules Prevents Constipation​

​✓ Amla Capsules Prevents Jaundice​

​✓ Amla Capsules Reduces The Risk Of Cancer​

​✓ Amla Capsules Protects Your Liver​

​✓ Amla Capsules Makes Skin Glow​

​✓ Amla Capsules Brightens Skin​

​✓ Amla Capsules Reduces Pigmentation​

​✓ Amla Capsules Prevents Lice​

​✓ Amla Capsules Prevents Greying Of Hair​

​​​✓ Amla Capsules Helps Increase Hair Growth​


2 capsules a time, two times a day or as recommended by your healthcare professional