Organic Rose Petal Powder

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Rose Petal Powder

Rosy cheeks and a beautiful pink glow – seems like the dream of almost every girl out there. Who wouldn’t want to look and feel as beautiful as an elegant and charming rose flower? But the road that leads to that objective usually involves chemical skin products, cosmetic facials and artificial treatments – none of which have the power to create the beauty you seek. These products can make you look good for a day or a week, but they take their toll on your skin, leaving it damaged, lifeless and unhealthy.

No – the means to obtain a healthy pink flow for your face should only involve nature’s goodness and the healing power of the flower you wish to look like. That’s right – Ayurveda recommends rose petal powder as the most powerful beauty product known to man. As pleasing as these flowers are for your eyes, they are just as gentle and beneficial for your skin too. Rose petal powder can be used in a variety of face packs and beauty concoctions for hydrating and moisturizing your skin, curing and preventing acne, removing dark circles, getting rid of dead skin and nourishing the scalp. Rose petal powder can also be used to create a powerful natural sunscreen that can protect you everywhere you go!

So make Organic Veda’s rose petal powder a part of your daily beauty regime – it is all you need to get that healthy pink glow for your face! Order now.

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