Organic Neem Leaf Powder

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Organic Pure / Raw Neem leaf Powder - 200 Gram

Neem has played an important role in traditional health remedies.Yes it tastes bitter but cures all the problem more and more better. No wonder it’s such an effective skin whitening,  Dry skin, anti bacterial, anti fungal. One can use neem leaves for skin will also be in the treatment of stomach problems like cancer in Pancreas and Neem can also treat skin & scalp infections, cardiovascular disease, diabetes type 1 or diabetes type 2, and bad breath.

How to take neem powder?

Take 1/2 spoon of neem leaves powder, mix it with warm milk and drink or with warm water. Regular intake of organic neem powder dosage acts as anti bacterial, hence clears all the stomach problems including cardiovascular disease, and it acts as a insulin for curing diabetics type 1 or 2. The neem and pancreas are the only combination to cure its cancer. As so far no proper medicines invented for Pancreas and neem takes the major part to heal it. Also take neem powder internally which gives skin whitening, cures dry skin & skin allergies,

How to take neem powder internally?

It tastes bitter, hence you can add jaggery instead of cane sugar which helps and prevents from diabetics. If you are not able to take neem leaves internally as a powder, can take 2 neem capsules which you are going only to swallow so that the stomach problem will get cleared including your cardiovascular diseases also avoid getting acnes in face, dark spots & skin problems by its immunity power.

Benefits of neem powder for hair

We can apply as hair mask which clears hair & scalp related problems like hair breakage, split ends, Grey hair, dry skin etc, and gives hair growth

How to take neem powder for hair growth & neem powder for grey hair?

Pls take 3-4 spoons of neem powder, 2-3 spoons of Amla powder / 2-3 spoons of hibiscus powder, 2 spoons of Fenu greek powder with few drops of lemon and mix warm water & leave it for 15 mins and apply from the root till the end to avoid spilt ends, mainly hair dandruff and other scalp problems caused by fungal infections,dry skin . The Anti fungal Neem powder and Amla powder gives drastic effect by increasing immunity in Hair growth by effect fighting with the fungal infections. Alternate to Amla powder, hibiscus powder avoiding grey hair. By adding fenugreek powder we can wash the hair without shampoo

How to take neem powder Orally?

Taking Organic neem powder orally we can skin infections like psoriasis caused by fungal & tooth decay ,bad breath from mouth by bacterial infections can be cured by applying Organic neem powder, Organic Turmeric powder, Organic rose petal powder with milk to the whole body & face clears acne, dark spots, gives skin whitening. Applying it directly on the infection caused by psoriasis as it is anti fungal, can avoid spreading & cured.

Where to buy neem powder?

The neem powder you apply should be organic certified so as to avoid unwanted skin allergies which may have artificial colors added, chemical essence for neem flavor may be added induces the skin allergies if you have already. So, before we learn how to take neem powder for hair & skin , first let’s learn where to buy best neem leaf powder which cures our dark spots,  diabetes type 1 or diabetes type 2 , cancer in pancreas and neem leaf powder dosage internally we take should be organic.

How to make neem oil for hair dandruff ? & Neem Oil effects for hair growth

For hair growth Neem oil is the solution. But if we apply raw neem oil for hair, it smells stinky, so a better way to make neem for hair growth & to get it complete effects on hair we should take neem leaf powder dosage of 4 spoons and take a small of of Organic virgin coconut oil. Take the oil heat it and put the powder to boil, filter it & apply to roots & wash after an hour. This avoids hair dandruff & gives complete effects for hair growth.

Repeat the same with Castor Oil and gargle twice a week which acts as anti bacterial will cures bad breath.