Organic Jamun Seed Powder

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Organic Pure / Raw Jamun Seed Powder - 200 Gram

The Jamun fruits are also known as Jambul or Indian Blackberry or black plum having sweet and sour taste. Black plum or Jamun is native to India and its neighboring countries. All parts of this tree, leaves, bark, fruit and seeds have medicinal properties and are being used in Ayurvedic & Unani medicine for treatment of various deficiencies.

Black plum benefits can be utilized by consuming in the form of Jamun seed powder, Jamun vinegar, Jamun juices.

Benefits of Jamun powder

The Jamun seed contains the glycogen which prevents the conversion of starch into glucose (sugar). The Jamun seeds which are rich in alkaloids have hypoglycemic properties effective in reducing high blood sugar. It is a very good source of carotene, Iron, folic acid (synthetic form of Vitamin B9), calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus. Such minerals avoid becoming anemic. It also helps in addition to prevent ulcer, liver diseases. Use jamun powder to remove tiredness, to take care of anemia and increase memory.

The phosphorus, protein, iron, calcium content gives the bone and muscle strength. For heat boils & other skin disorders like pimples, the jamun powder benefits a lot, when it is mixed as paste with few drops of moringa oil or virgin coconut oil on the affected

Mix the black plum powder to the juices and drink that controls the urinary infections. Drinking Jamun juice for diabetes also gives glow to skin, clears liver problem also the benefits for hair growth. Adding the organic jamun seeds powder to fruit juices give sour taste which controls diarrhea, helps weight loss.

How to use Jamun powder?

Pls take ½ to 1 tsp of jamun seed powder, mixed with honey and amla powder everyday in the morning. Alternatively, Jamun seed capsules can be consumed to get benefits of Jamun seed powder. Intaking dosage of jamun seeds powder capsule shall be as prescribed in the product label. It controls the diabetes rapidly & weight loss too.

How to use Jamun vinegar?

To prepare Jamun vinegar, Mix hand full of jamun fruit, water, sugar and preserve it. After 8 weeks, filter the mixture. Now it is ready to use jamun vinegar. But getting jamun fruit in all seasons is not easy and all the times & as we are using for diabetes, weight loss adding sugar is not advisable at all the time. So, to get complete Jamun powder benefits, its better to buy jamun seeds powder online.

Jamun seeds powder for hair

Heat coconut oil and add few spoons of jamun powder, hibiscus powder, neem powder allow it to boil and filter. This is how, we can apply jamun seeds powder for hair. We can use jamun vinegar for hair by rinsing.

How to use jamun seeds for face or Jamun seeds powder face pack?

Use jamun seeds for face by adding, 2 spoons of organic jamun seeds powder, 1 spoon of turmeric powder, Rose petal powder with milk. Now jamun seeds powder for face is ready. The black plum face pack gives glow, cures acne.

Organic jamun seeds powder for skin

By applying the same mixture, The Mixture of black plum for face & body protects you from skin infections.

Jamun seed powder dosage

1/2 (2g) to 1 Teaspoon of Jamun Seed powder with plain water, fruit juice or smoothie or The powder may also be mixed with/sprinkled over salads, meals, snacks, soups, etc.

Total Daily recommendation of Jamun Seed powder is not more than 8 grams and it can be consumed more and it should be recommended by your healthcare professional

So! lets buy online today & enjoy the benefits of Jamun & Stay healthy!!