Moringa Virgin Coconut Moisturizing Lotion

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Changing weather always brings trouble for your body. Even the slightest of dryness and aridness in the air can cause your skin to feel stretched and parched. It is such a common, everyday affair that most of us don’t even think twice before reaching out for the moisturizing lotion in our bags or on our dresser, just so our skin can get some moisture.

But take a moment to think – what exactly are you applying on your body so often? Is the chemically created cosmetic product actually beneficial for your body or are you causing even more damage to your skin than was originally there? Is there a better way to quench the thirst of your dry and dehydrated skin?

Organic Veda has a solution – one that has been blessed with nature’s goodness and nourishment. We bring to you our organic moisturizer, a powerful product that can restore the hydration and wellness of your skin without causing any damaging side effects that are common with mass produced cosmetics. Our organic moisturizer has been enriched with the healing properties of the moringa plant and the hydration benefits of virgin coconut oil. It blends pure, cold pressed moringa seed oil, moringa leaves, shea butter, coconut oil and jojoba to create an organic moisturizer that will provide all the nourishment that your skin may need in harsh living conditions.

No matter what damage you may inflict on your skin in the course of your day, Organic Veda’s organic moisturizer can heal it all, leaving your face and body feeling soft, supple and enriched with nature’s goodness. Buy yours today!