New Launch Products

Yup, that’s right; we’re launching new and refreshed packaging products for our popular line of natural source of organic products! Though ORGANIC VEDA, a fan favorite for numerous years, it was time to find a creative product solution that would continue to make an impact on-shelf in a maturing organic product category.

The newly released products are a representation of our bold varying ingredient flavors, and better reflects our nutritional values - all while highlighting the unique ORGANIC VEDA brand experience. You’ll notice that the new products are set against a healthy shade, accented with a wholesome ingredient that leverages immaculate lines and a new blend of multiple fresh ingredients.

Though we have always taken a bold stand for the use of clean, whole ingredients, no added sugars, no additives, or preservatives — we wanted to make sure that our new products reinforces our unwavering, stand for healthier, tastier that also provide the best potential nutrition. Hence, we made sure to incorporate easy-to-read ingredients and nutritional benefits on the front of the label — enabling you to recognize the benefits for each of our organic products quickly.

We couldn’t be thrilled with the new products and want all of you to be toting one of our new bottles around the city soon. It is already moving successfully in the United States and yet to fly all over the globe. For now, our new organic products will be available on our official website. But not to worry, the new products will be rolling out on shelves at preferred grocers and natural product retailers nationwide soon. 

Amla C radiant capsules ( New Launch )
Ceylon Cinnamon Capsules ( New Launch )
Moringa Burn Capsules ( New Launch )
Moringa C powder (New Launch)
Moringa C Powder Sachet ( New Launch )
Turmeric Burn Capsules ( New Launch )
Turmeric Detox Tea ( New Launch )
Turmeric Golden Tea ( New Launch )
Turmeric Green Coffee ( New Launch )
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