Moringa Mild Shampoo - 473ml

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When it comes to improving the state of our hair, most people don’t leave any holds barred. And in that enthusiasm to find the best path towards beautiful hair, we often end up creating more damage than what was already there. Pollution, poor diet, bad products and overall carelessness - there are just so many factors that can cause our hair to lose its shine. And it is only through nature’s goodness that you can restore its original health and beauty.

So say no to all chemical based hair care products and make our organic shampoo a part of your cleansing routine. Packed with a host of different herbs and natural remedies, Organic Veda’s organic shampoo is the best way for you to obtain sustainable wellness for your hair. Powerhouse ingredients like moringa leaves and seeds, hibiscus, amla, aloe vera and coconut oil, you can depend on this shampoo to provide your hair with all the nutrients needed to maintain a healthy and beautiful shine. Designed to help repair and restore the health of your locks, this organic shampoo goes deep down into your scalp and begins eradicating issues from the root.

Free from sulphates, parabens, formaldehydes and other damage inducing harsh chemicals, our organic shampoo is a gentle cleansing agent that can be used multiple times in a week without sustaining any damage to your hair. Buy yours today!