Rose Petal Powder

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Organic 100% Pure / Raw Rose Petal Powder - 200 Gram

“Rosy lips and dimple chin” is the usual rhyme we sang in nursery!. Along with dimple chin rosy cheeks also can be a possible one with rose petal powder by ever youth look.

Apart from being the symbol of Romance, it has beautiful aroma, color and very smooth to touch. Hence it is used as an essential ingredient in almost in all the makeup products like face cream, lipstick, soap, perfume etc along with some chemicals to make us believe that they are really natural and good. Instead of using those chemical products let’s try to use the Organic rose petal powder directly to get more glow in the skin, health benefits & hair care.

Benefits of Rose Petal Powder

Organic Rose Petal Powder has vitamin A or retinol is a fat-soluble vitamin that plays an important role in ensuring healthy eyes and bone development. It also acts as antioxidants are involved in reducing inflammation through fighting free radical damage, gargling or holding rose water in the back of the mouth will help inflamed sore throats.

Organic Rose Petal powder contains Vitamin C, B, E - In taking dry rose petal powder, fight against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, prenatal health problems, eye disease, and even skin wrinkling, skin whitening, anti-aging by increasing collagen production. It has primary health benefits according to ancient ayurveda as it is cooling herbal product helps our skin from Tanning, pigmentation.

Eating the dry rose petal powder directly helps more effects for skin & personal care. In taking in various forms based on your own preference through making Tea, using as a natural food coloring for dishes we prepare, using it instead of artificial rose flavor like preparing rose milk. This fights with immune system & boosts our skin fairness, prevents from acne, wrinkling, aging. it will also help to relieve a sore throat due to antioxidants, decreases digestive issues, boosts a sluggish liver.

It’s also been used as cough syrup, to treat reflex, as a laxative, and to reduce blood sugar. The oil prepared from organic rose petal powder is used to treat depression, grief and stress. It also may have benefits for wound healing, allergies, skin conditions and headaches by massaging using the Organic coconut oil heated with the rose petal powder or mix with plain Organic moringa oil. Massaging with the oil in regular intervals prevent from dandruff & Induces hair growth.

How to use Rose Petal powder?

Applying the rose petal powder face mask also an antibacterial activity. This means it can get to work on inflamed or blemished skin, reducing redness and preventing more breakouts. It’s also an anti-inflammatory, so can help to reduce puffy skin around eye by applying directly on the skin. Direct applying around the eyes prevents wrinkles around the eye, black circle, uplift the cheeks by regularly massaging in the face keeps us look younger.

How to make face mask?

To make face mask, mix 2 spoons of dried rose petal powder , 1 spoon of Organic turmeric powder, 1 spoon of Organic Neem Leaf Powder with milk to get a paste, apply/massage for 10 mins round the face, lips, eyes & wash after 15-20 mins. Repeat 5 time a month to get a glowing face, pink lips by curing acne, wrinkles, Pigmentation & fairness.

How to make hair mask?

Repeat same dried rose petal powder, Organic turmeric powder,Organic Neem Leaf Powder and mix it with Organic virgin Coconut oil or Moringa Virgin Coconut Hair oil or Organic moringa oil and massage well and rinse after 1/2 hour to avoid scalp problems, dandruff also relives from stress by repeating twice a month improves hair growth.

How to make Rose water?

Take the water, add two spoons of dried rose petal powder, let it boil until the water color turns and good flavor. Now you can gargle for mouth freshness with little warmth. You can filter the water and drink. You can add the rose petal powder in your bucket of warm water to take bath which acts as antioxidants & keeps your skin glowing, reduce puffy skin, wrinkling. Taking a rose water bath gives freshness through the day.